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Reroute to Remain

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  • I’ve been anxious to get a review up for this album, but it’s been hard to decide what I think. My first impressions were not good at all, but the best albums always take time to grow on me. And my, oh my, has this grown on me the last couple weeks. I don’t know if I’d call it their best album, but it’s definitely up there with the rest of them if you take a step back and realize it’s a GOOD THING that they refuse to rehash the same old stuff on every album. Besides Korn’s first album, I’ve listened to very little nu-metal, for obvious reasons. Reroute to Remain definately has a nu-metal edge to it, but they marry it perfectly with their signature Gothenburg sound. The result ranges from songs that are amazing (“Trigger”-what a chorus!) to non-memorable (“Dismis the Cynic”, “Free Fall”).Nearly every song has a hard shell with a chewey middle: old-school structure, with harsh vocals sung during the verses, but the refrain is usually very melodic and super catchy. The opening track falls in that catagory perfectly. Other tracks like “System”, “Transparent”, and “Cloud Connected” go a little overboard on the emo-like vocal refrains. It borders on annoying at first, but after a few spins I realized it fits in OK. However, other tracks like “Minus” and “Ergonomic” are much better and will get stuck in your head. “Drifter” and “Dark Signs” are straight up old school In Flames with only a few new twists. “Dawn of a New Day” and “Metaphor” fall into the super mellow catagory: “Dawn of a New Day” is good (weird to think it’s In Flames though…sounds like Linkin Park or one of those other radio bands), but the violin (or should I call it a fiddle) in “Metaphor” is out of place. It’s a decent melodic tune otherwise. “Black and White” is a great ending to the album–almost power metal with a great epic-sounding chorus!The production couldn’t be any better, the songwriting is exceptional, the artwork is top-notch, and the overall sound is a completely unique blend of everything In Flames has evolved to be. I can understand the purists who question why In Flames would stray from previous efforts like this, but at the same time they’re evolving and branching out into unparalleled and exciting new territory. I give my enthusiastic thumbs up.

    Posted on January 30, 2010