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Reroute to Remain

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  • First: This is the only death metal album i own. The true is that i’m more into other metal styles, but this album is absolutely great. I supose that it’s because with R2R In Flames have changed their style, becoming less “death”, but come on, if old In Flames fans give this 3 stars because it’s “like linkin park”, what would they give to limp bizkit?Reroute to Remain is a 5 star album comparing to the average music quality nowadays. When i bought this, i expected 2-3 mediocre song. And i didn’t find them. At first i didn’t like the singing style, but the singing on the choruses is great, so i liked the album. Then i got used to the singer’s voice, and now i love it. 1-Reroute To Remain- Good beginning. Great chorus. 9.5/102-System- The best part of the song is the chorus, with clean vocals… 9.5/103-Drifter- My 14th favorite. 7/104-Trigger- My favorite. Perfect. Great chorus. 10/105-Cloud Connected- The first In Flames song i heard. I loved it and now here i am. 10/106-Transparent- 8/107-Dawn of a new day- A softer one, to relax after the first six songs. 8.5/108-Egonomic. After relaxing a bit, a harder song. The drummer must be exhausted after playing this one. 7/109-Minus- 9/1010-Dismiss the Cynics- 8.5/10 11-Free Fall- Great beginning. Another great chorus. At this part a realized that i was hearing an awesome album. 10/1012-Dark Signs- 9/1013-Metaphor- Musically this could be a love song, but lyrically is far from it. 9/10 (i love soft songs)14-Black & White- Another great chorus. Good way to finish the album. 9.5/10I recommend Reroute To Remain to every metal fan in the world (except to Limp Bizkit fans, those don’t know what good music is).That’s it, now i must go to check their other albums…

    Posted on January 31, 2010