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  • When Limp Bizkit first started, their rapcore-like music blew me away. I immediately ran out and grabbed their CD “Three Dollar Bill, Y’all” without even thinking twice. They continued to go on until they released a second CD, “Significant Other”. This CD was good but was nothing compared to their first. I hesitated before picking this one up, but eventually did. When they produced their third CD “Choclate Starfish and hotdog flavored water” all I said was “What the **** is this?” The title sucked and the music sucked even more! Now Limp Bizkit has released yet another CD with plenty of sucking going on. All the songs sound the same and include horrible singing and beats that just repeat over and over. If I wanted music like that, I’d beat on a pan and have my dog howl out-of-tune notes. Limp Bizkit has turned out to be a freakin’ disease that can’t be killed and won’t stop until everyone’s mind is screwed over by their horribly pathetic music. Everyone should stay away from the CD unless you are some ultra-hardcore Limp Bizkit fan..If you are, then all I have to say is “I’m sorry for you”

    Posted on February 23, 2010