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  • I was amazed to hear the story behind this album. First of all, there is no Wes Borland on guitar. The small piece of talent that had been part of the band, is now gone. Limp Bizkit went on a nation-wide talent search for a new guitarist. They then settled on a guitarist name Mike Smith from a band called Snot.

    They recorded an album, then scrapped it. They recorded another album, then scrapped it again. They came up with great innovative ear catching album titles, such as – Bipolar and Panty Sniffer, before they finally decided on a very solid and truthful title for this absolutely horrible album – Results May Vary.

    Fred Durst is one of the worst vocalists in rock music today, right up there with Kid Rock; but that is not all that this album suffers from. Without Wes Borland, Fred Durst is forced to provide all of the direction and personality for Limp Bizkit, in which he fails miserably. This album has no new ideas or material. They are simply recycling the same junk from their multi-platinum selling Significant Other.

    Fred nearly plagiarizes the Beastie Boys song Pass The Mic on Gimme the Mic, rhyming y’all with y’all. As if the album couldn’t get any worse, along comes track 15 with a cover of The Who’s – Behind Blue Eyes; confirming once again that Fred Durst cannot sing to save his life; butchering a classic song in the process. As if he couldn’t dishonor the song even more, they misspelled Pete Townshend’s name in the credits.

    This album has no melody, hooks, or energy. All it has is Fred Durst dominating the mic with his talentless self. I just can’t believe a record label ever put this garbage out to begin with. Maybe, if we’re lucky, one good thing can come of this album. No more Limp Bizkit albums.

    Posted on February 23, 2010