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  • I lost interest in Chimaira just after “The Impossibility of Reason” came out. Not because I didn’t like the album but more so because my taste in music was changing. I actually decided to check in on them and see what they had been up to since and I was blown away by this album! I mean I had no idea how good it really would be. Great from start to finish.

    Stand out tracks: Resurrection, No Reason To live, Six.

    Posted on December 17, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • I had been looking for some NEW music – something with ‘bite’ – something ORIGINAL (all I hear now is rip-off artists and crap) – and I found it in Chimaira. These guys are hard, killer guitar riffs that grind and drums that [...]!!! I got this album, now I have all of their albums and DVD’s! Finally some awesome new metal to scare the children away!

    Can’t wait for their new album Infection to launch in April 2009!!!

    Posted on December 17, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • I have a hard time believing this album has so many bad reviews when it is easily Chimaira’s best. Is it to thrashy and heavy for all the teenage headbangers; to groovy, with too many touches of industrial, and Nu metal for the old-timer metal fans? Is it overly angry, or not angry enough? While I liked oldschool Chimaira classics like Nothing Remains, and Pure Hatred, this album is what made me a true fan. Just over fifty minutes of pummeling hatred and pure evil metal, with hardcore influences, this release kills, and I place it on the upper echelon of metal albums in this decade, or any other for that matter.

    The title track is pure mosh pit metal, which I learned first hand at each of their concerts I attended. The whole album just flows from there on, with bruising beats, and thrashy riffs, and the keyboards just add an eerie feel which crawls into your skin, and permeates your soul. Mark Hunter’s punishing vocals are as good here as they have ever been.

    Along with the title track, Worthless, No Reason to Live, End It All, and Empire are fast, heavy mosh friendly songs. Modern thrash, carrying on where Pantera left off. Then the dark progressively evil masterpieces like Six, Killing The Beast, and The Flame, fill in the blanks in brutally scary fashion.

    I know this album is a couple years old, and they have since released The Infection, which is a solid CD, but I felt I had to chime in, since it seems only non fans or confused Chimaira newcomers were reviewing this. Or maybe people who like this band like them for different reasons than I do. I love the Slayer/Metallica/Pantera influenced modern thrash band with progressive, death, and sublte Nu metal inclanations. Two and a half years later it still sounds as good if not better than when it landed on the shores of metal.

    While many unfairly put this band in the “Metalcore” genre, I think they are simply 21st century metal. They are much heavier than most “metalcore” acts, and don’t fit in with deathcore, or retro-thrash, so maybe that is why they are ignored. But this is a great metal album, from front to back. I think it is a must have for all True metal fans, and for those of you who gave this a subpar review, listen to it again, because it is better than you think.

    Posted on December 17, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • One of the few bands in metal that actually keep getting better as time goes by. Each record always seems to top the previous and there is always growth and maturity to each album that is made. One of the best characteristics about this band is that they maintain their signature sound while never making the same album twice. This bands mission statement was to always remain an extremely heavy band without getting sappy and they’ve done just that. This album will definitely be in the top 5 metal releases of 2007 and definitely a classic as time goes by. Standout tracks include Resurrection, Pleasure in Pain, Worthless, Six, No Reason To Live, The Flame and Needle.

    Posted on December 16, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Chimaira has done it again, they’ve released an album that rips you to shreds and then stomps you flat! Like with their self titled album Chimaira, they’ve set a new standard for themselves and for the metal scene. Also, they’ve stayed true to their roots and at the same time experimented and tried new things.

    The album starts off full blast with the title track “Resurrection,” the pounding “Pleasure in Pain,” followed by the crushing assault, “Worthless.” Early Metallica comes to mind when they get more experimental with the 9 minute epic “Six.” The solos are very memorable and its definitely much slower than their old work, well worth listening to . Then things get more intense with the thrash-like “No Reason To Live.”

    The second half of the album tends to slow down more, but picks up toward the end. The slowest song “Killing The Beast,” is personally my least favorite song, I typically skip it, but listen to it once in a while. Mark Hunter experiments more vocally on this song, it works but not to the extent you’d expect from Chimaira (no “Salvation”-like screams here). Then the slightly faster “The Frame” ensues. Its a great metal song, but not up to Chimaira’s standards. The last part of the song sounds similar to how “Inside The Horror” ends. Then things really pick up with “End It All.” Andols Herrick’s hammering drums are at full throttle throughout the song, especially during the chorus. It’s then followed by the heavy “Black Heart,” and the mind blowing “Needle.” Herrick’s drums on “Needle” alone should put Chimaira up for a Best Metal Performance Award. Then lastly, we get to “Empire.” The orchestra work really gives it a dark, atmospheric sound. The lyrics give great depth:

    Do you believe in me
    Enough to sacrifice
    Do you believe in me
    Enough to end your life
    When you walk the path
    You will discover a world undreamed of
    Your suffering will be legendary
    Do you believe in suffering

    It took a couple listens to really have it sink in, but overall, this album is as powerful as their self titled effort. Except for two mediocre songs, “Resurrection” will definitely stand strong among 2007’s best metal albums.

    Posted on December 16, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now