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  • Chimaira has done it again, they’ve released an album that rips you to shreds and then stomps you flat! Like with their self titled album Chimaira, they’ve set a new standard for themselves and for the metal scene. Also, they’ve stayed true to their roots and at the same time experimented and tried new things.

    The album starts off full blast with the title track “Resurrection,” the pounding “Pleasure in Pain,” followed by the crushing assault, “Worthless.” Early Metallica comes to mind when they get more experimental with the 9 minute epic “Six.” The solos are very memorable and its definitely much slower than their old work, well worth listening to . Then things get more intense with the thrash-like “No Reason To Live.”

    The second half of the album tends to slow down more, but picks up toward the end. The slowest song “Killing The Beast,” is personally my least favorite song, I typically skip it, but listen to it once in a while. Mark Hunter experiments more vocally on this song, it works but not to the extent you’d expect from Chimaira (no “Salvation”-like screams here). Then the slightly faster “The Frame” ensues. Its a great metal song, but not up to Chimaira’s standards. The last part of the song sounds similar to how “Inside The Horror” ends. Then things really pick up with “End It All.” Andols Herrick’s hammering drums are at full throttle throughout the song, especially during the chorus. It’s then followed by the heavy “Black Heart,” and the mind blowing “Needle.” Herrick’s drums on “Needle” alone should put Chimaira up for a Best Metal Performance Award. Then lastly, we get to “Empire.” The orchestra work really gives it a dark, atmospheric sound. The lyrics give great depth:

    Do you believe in me
    Enough to sacrifice
    Do you believe in me
    Enough to end your life
    When you walk the path
    You will discover a world undreamed of
    Your suffering will be legendary
    Do you believe in suffering

    It took a couple listens to really have it sink in, but overall, this album is as powerful as their self titled effort. Except for two mediocre songs, “Resurrection” will definitely stand strong among 2007’s best metal albums.

    Posted on December 16, 2009