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  • its all true, dying fetus has NOTHING on misery index. every song on here, while the music doesn’t change its style much (mostly just straight up deathgrind) every song is excellent and many of them will get into your head in no time. some really catchy riffs and some great drumwork, wrap that up with some death metal vocals that don’t sound like crap, and while they’re low, they don’t sound really stupid like some bands, and you have an instant classic. too bad this band doesn’t get as much credit as it should because they’re caught under the shadow of dying fetus, but if you like dying fetus than you will LOVE misery index, and probably more than DF. support this amazing band, get the cd and bang your head to some of the best metal out there right now.every song is amazing, hard to pick standouts! BUY IT!!!!!

    Posted on November 28, 2009