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  • Retro active, Def Leppard’s compilation album of B-sides totally rocks, the songs are really heavy and the ballads are perfect, Desert song is an awesome opening song with an amazing guitar solo by Steve Clark and cool chorus, the song mostly tells a story about a person trapped in the desert. Fracured love the second song starts off soft but then gets really heavy, really cool song. Action is a song by a band called Sweet and leppard did a cover version and the song really stands out. Two Steps Behind is a really nice acoustic ballad that makes you want to sing along with the chorus. She’s Too Tough is another song the band covered and is a fast rocker. Miss u In a Heartbeat is another really nice piano ballad and there is 3 versions of it on the album, GOD WHY SO MUCH!. Only After Dark is another cover song the band did, originally recorded by Mick Ronson it is a catchy melodic song. Ride into the Sun is a epic tune on the album, it was the first song the band ever committed to vinyl on their first ep, all they did was change some of the lyrics,but a really hard driving rock song. From the inside is a folky ballad telling about the pitfalls of herione use, probably the softest song on the album. Ring of fire is a cool heavy rock song with a really awesome guitar riff, (I wonder if the band got the title from Johny Cash?) I Wanna Be Your Hero is a ballad and a rock song mixed in one, alot like Too Late For Love. The last two songs on the album are electric versions of Two Steps Behind and Miss u in a heartbeat,both sound great. Listen for the piano only version of Miss U In a Heartbeat stuck at the very end.

    Posted on January 3, 2010