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Retrospective, Vol. 2 (1981-1987)

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  • Originally meant to be the replacement for the second disc of Chronicles, Retrospective II is a welcome acquisition for fans of Rush’s eighties material. Rush, like Judas Priest and other rock bands of the era, have a sort of split career, where some people prefer their earlier Zeppelin-esque material, and others prefer the more user-friendly “popular” stuff. I happen to find this Retrospective II disc a lot more appealing than the first, as most of the radio hits and real hard-rock classics are found here.As for this one attempting to replace the 2nd Chronicles disc, the track selection is very telling: it loses only Passage To Bangkok, Manhattan Project, and Show Don’t Tell, in favor of The Analog Kid, Marathon, The Body Electric, and Mission. It shows that Chronicles was a tough set to beat, as it is still in print today and remains a very popular “complete” overview of Rush’s career (at least from ‘74 to ‘87.)So, if you want to have a “complete” overview you can choose between both Retrospective volumes, or the Chronicles 2-disc set. Or, if you just want the Rush that most people know and love, this disc will more than satisfy you.

    Posted on December 29, 2009