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Reunion [2-CD SET]

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  • This was a great disc I picked up on the day of release, new black sabbath with the original line up, unthought of for so long. All the classics with Ozzy. Now I keep waiting and hoping someday they will get together and do a new full album, but hope is shrinking. The two new songs are OK, Pscyhoman sounding more like recent Ozzy songs, but Selling my Soul sounds more like the Iommi riffs of past. Must have CD for the sabbath fan, the first official live release endorsed by the group with Ozzy on vocals…20 years after his leaving. Live at Last has been around for years, but was never endorsed by the band, and Live Evil, although good in its own right for DIO fans, just is not Ozzy. So Get this, its Sabbath at its best.

    Posted on January 31, 2010