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  • Out of Exile was a disappointment to me and I wondered if it would be the end of Audioslave. I was happily proved wrong yesterday with the release of Revelations. This album ROCKS HARD! Lots of hooks, catchy head bobbin’ rhythms, good if not semi great lyrics, and at least 3 hit bound tracks make this a GREAT Audioslave record. They are sounding less and less like RATM with every release and that is a good and bad thing. I really liked RATM’s sound, heavier and angrier than Audioslave. Revelations is less heavy and angry but cathcy and tuneful in a pop sort of way. More FM radio friendly if you will. They still have an edge thanks mostly to Tom’s guitar chops. If you liked the 1st Audioslave record, you will dig this one as well.

    Why can’t I buy a disc with THE WHIP on it? Why, why, why? Peace Out!

    Posted on February 1, 2010