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  • After Audioslaves debut the thought to me was “How do you top that”? Then the “Sophomore Jinx” bit hard on “Out of Exile” which fell way short of expectations for me. Allot of the “Rage” was lost and it didn’t have a clear direction, kind of boring. Now if you said the third album “Revelations” still didn’t get back to it’s “Raging Roots” but was as good as the debut. Well I’d say your nuts!! Well I guess I’m nuts. The direction has changed again but I think Audioslave has come into a style all their own now. The music here is fresh and has a funky vibe mixed with some good grooves. As always some great guitar work. It starts w/ a great rocker the self-titled track. The up and down transitions of track 3. Sound of a Gun. Then the radio friendly track 4. Until We Fall. The upbeat track 5. Original Fire. The funky vibe really starts kicking in with a killer tune, 7. Somedays! That leads into another great rocker, very Soundgarden-ish 8. Shape of Things to Come. Track 9. Jewel of The Summertime, has a funky/bluesy vibe with an absolute killer grove. Then track 12. Moth blows you away. It starts slow then hits you hard and adds many layers to it. That’s one thing I can say about this release, it has many layers to it. It grabs you and keeps you interested from beginning to end! Great production songwriting and musicianship all the way around. Great job guys!

    Posted on February 1, 2010