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Rio Grande Blood

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  • this is the 2nd Ministry album released since long time collaborator Paul Barker left the band. this is also their 3rd full-length studio album since being dropped by Warner Bros records. this shows that nothing can stop Al Jorgensen and his industrial metal onslaught. its hard to believe that its been 18 years since Land Of Rape And Honey was released. but after all this time, Al can still pull off a brutal, confrontational Ministry album like Rio Grande Blood. under his rule, Ministry has evolved into more of an actual band, rather than a one-man industrial entity involving drum machines, samples, and various programming. Rio Grande Blood is even more in your face than their last album, Houses Of The Mole’, both musically & politically. even the album cover is more intense (and bound to cause more controversy). but there’s no such thing as bad press. this album gets my vote as one of the best metal releases of 2006.

    Posted on March 6, 2010