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Rio Grande Blood

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  • As one can tell by the cover, Rio Grande Blood is very politically based lol. And why not, this is our world and the evil-doers should be exposed. Rio Grande Blood is a good after coming of Houses of the Mole. Heavy, angry and just good industrial ministry pleasure. And Filth Pig is actually the line that seperated the real Ministry fans from the so-called Ministry fans, Filth Pig was amazing especially with tracks like “Lava” which they play amazing live. In fact the Filth Pig tours around 1996 were some of the best. Dark Side of the Spoon and Filth Pig showed that you don’t always have to be very thrash agressive or fast paced with the guitars and can therefore be more slow calculated and dark. Which Al showed on dark side with “Whip and Chain”. Your always going to have the people that just love the speed, and you’ll have the people who love speed and or all the above. Rio Grande Blood is definitely speed, but also has it’s good industrial darker moments, I think it’s one of Ministrys heaviest albums. But with all Ministry albums you always get a mix of both. Overall a very satisfying release from Ministry.

    Posted on March 6, 2010