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Rise to Ruin

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  • Gorefest

    Rise To Ruin (2007)

    Review: Gorefest has offically returned. With the pretty good La Marute in 2005. Now they wish to return to the very death metal roots that they came from.

    They did just that.

    Rise To Ruin is a straight-forward death metal release from the masters. This is fast, technical, intense and downright fiendish. The vocals are right back where we were left off on False. Only this time the vocals are more aggresive and deliver a sheer level of intensity like never before for Gorefest.

    The Music is heavy. Think of a fiendish monster rips out you spinal cord to use as a whip and then will bench-press your corpse for exersize! Yes. It’s that fiendish and sick.

    Even they give it their all with a nine minute track, “Babylon’s Whores” Rise to Ruin is long, aggressive, and delivers what long time Gorefest fans have awaited for. A return to the dark side. A return to their death metal roots. Here it is. The wait is over.

    This is in my opinion, the heaviest since Mindloss. You like early 90’s Gorefest? Here’s a return to form. They delivered what they promised, Gorefest is truly back. The killing spree has begun again.

    Posted on February 27, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now