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  • The “Risk” recording session went terribly wrong (nothing to do with the songs, they’re great). The original producer went on to do things his own way and used all the wrong parts and the album came out nothing like what the band had intended. I suppose that’s why it had such a negative impact, it sounded nothing like what Megadeth had done in the past. It had loads of interesting effects, instruments and even some electronic sequences. These ingredients made “Risk” a diverse, very rich album.
    This re-release was Mustaine’s chance to finally get it the way he wanted it. He got rid of all the bogus parts and reinstated the “proper” ones. But when you press play on the new version of the album and hear all the stuff that made this album interesting deleted… No more fiddles, no more tabla drums, very minimal electronic sequences, and so on… it is no longer a great album.
    But did Mustaine forget that the fact that he replaced some of Marty Friedman’s parts his own was one of the reasons why he quit the band? In this new mix he removed even more of Friedman’s parts like the intro to “Insomnia” which he was especially fond of…
    Conclusion: This was remixed to sound more Metal so it would appeal to all those who hated the original album… As a fan of the later, I don’t believe that an album, that was perfect to begin with, should have been altered just to suit all those music fachists who can’t accept changes. I love the original as it is, and not because it’s by Megadeth like most people would say. I hope you enjoy this “improved” version.

    Posted on February 6, 2010