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  • Hi, this is my first review ever, and ironically the first for this title. When Dave Mustaine finished production on the album RISK, He would find that many of his original guitar parts had been replaced by producer Bud Prager from Bad Company. This upset Dave and many of the fans(including me). It was also lead guitarist Marty Friedman who wanted to take an alternative approach with the band.

    Most of the Techno/Disco effects from the tracks were taken out. This is evident when you hear the first track, Insomnia.

    Imsomnia- I never liked this song until I heard the remaster. I used to hate the techno effects. But some of its still there.


    Prince of Darkness- Another track i never particulary cared for. But much better now for some reason. I still cant put my finger on it.


    Enter The Arena- Nothing to review here. Just fans chanting “Crush, Crush!” An Intro to the next song.

    Crush Em- I always liked this better than that stupid Gary Glitter song. A great song for when your home team scores!


    Breadline- The catchy chorus, the catchy solo by Dave. Plus a new cool intro. My Favorite On the Album!


    The Doctor Is Calling- Probaly the heaviest track on the cd. Very Dark Riff just brings you in to this Metal Masterpeice.


    Ill be There- Decent song. I never cared for the chorus. But cool nonetheless


    Wanderlust- I like the mid eastern + wierd feel the album has. The Chorus is especially Catchy. I love it, always have.

    Ecstacy-Very cool acoustic guitar during the verses. Nothing like any of their other songs.


    Seven- A pretty wierd riff in a very wierd song. I never listened to it much but its not bad.


    Time: The beginning- An honest song here. Time catches up to all of us. Dave can’t be a 28 year old playing RIP Songs forever.


    Time:The End- Very different to the beginning but its about the same thing, accept here the Reaper confronts him.


    Overall the bonus tracks are pretty cool to. This is definatly different from the original. A must have!

    Posted on February 6, 2010