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  • Its hard to get excited about an album when even the frontman of the band releasing the album isnt excited about it. This is the case with Risk. Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine has said publicly and in interviews that Risk isnt Megadeth’s proudest moment, and that the producer of the album took it in a direction that Mustaine wasnt comfortable with.
    That being said, its not a suprise that Risk isnt what Megadeth fans have come to expect. The album is more “pop” centered and its a far cry from the metal Megadeth pioneered. If that wasnt enough to anger fans, a majority of this album seems to be filler.
    There are some highlights to this album however. “Crush ‘Em” is a great song to listen to on your way to or from a sporting event. Its infectious beat is perfect for getting you pumped up before the big game. “Breadline” is blatant pop music, obviously aimed at getting radio time, but that doesnt mean its a bad song. A serious message about the dangers of drug addiction is hidden under the catchy tune. “Insomnia” is my favorite on the album, and the only song I can really claim is pure Megadeth on the album.
    The bonus tracks added to this remastered version dont really add much to the album, but they are interesting to listen to a few times through. The main reason I would recommend this album is that Dave Mustaine went back and salvaged what he could of this album by remastering it. Gone are the techno effects that were slapped on top of numerous tracks. Mustaine strips the songs too their roots and rebuilds them to the best of his ability, making them listenable to most Megadeth fans.
    If you didnt like the original release of Risk, give this one a shot. It is better than the original and Dave’s comments inside the CD booklet are interesting, and shed some light on why Risk turned out the way it did. Just dont expect to find a metal masterpiece.

    Posted on February 6, 2010