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Ritual de lo Habitual

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  • first off, I’ll say that I find Ritual to be a more musically interesting and challenging album than Nothing’s Shocking. the band takes more risks and tries to accomplish more, and it’s a breathtaking, mind-boggling achievement for a group of musicians. that being said, I prefer Nothing’s Shocking because I find that one to be a more powerful and affecting album. but they’re both works of genius, and belong in the collection of any serious fan of music. note that I said music, not rock or alternative or punk. because the two albums are significant and masterful enough that they can’t be limited to a, then. there’s been a lot of talk in these reviews about Three Days and Then She Did, and I feel compelled to share some knowledge with my fellow Amazon customers.Three Days is not just a song about a heroin-fueled weekend with two girls. it’s a memorial of sorts to a girl that Perry loved, a girl who was a budding artist, who ODed before achieving her promise. yes, some of the lyrics are about one lost weekend, but it also commemorates everything about his lost friend (“we miss you, my dear Xiola…”). this theme was carried forth into Then She Did (the original title was Then She Died) and Perry addresses his dead friend in the last stanza, asking her to say hello to his own dead mother when she gets to heaven: “will you say hello to my ma, will you pay a visit to her, she was an artist just as you were, I’d have introduced you to her…”that’s pretty powerful stuff. this album was clearly not intended to please rock critics and semi-literate music dilettantes with short attention spans. the two songs I’ve discussed are songs with a purpose, a message to convey, and emotions to share with the world. and they are epic works of musicianship. Three Days is like four distinct songs weaved together into one amazing masterpiece. it always carries enough power to justify its length, and it never gets dull.none of what I’ve said here is intended to convert people who don’t like the songs. nor should it affect your opinion. I do believe a song should stand on its own merits without a five-minute explanation. the songs clearly stand on their own and have power and meaning, without justification. but maybe, for the people who already love the songs, love the album, and actually get what the band was trying to do, these bits of information will add to your appreciation of the work and show you some more of the depths of their achievement.

    Posted on December 12, 2009