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Robot Hive: Exodus

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  • Yet another Clutch album. Yet another masterpiece. Talk about groove. Talk about blues. Talk about rock. Damn. Clutch seem to go unnoticed, even in today’s music scene, and it’s simply unfair judging by how much talent is in this great band. Fans of this band will know that a Clutch album is always a must-have, and this is no exception. How they keep making such quality material after so long and with very little or no mainstream success, is beyond me..though very popular as a cult-band, they’re hardly heard on the radio or played/talked about on MTV. (And that’s the way the band wants to keep it, it seems)

    This album kind of snuck up on me, as i only just recently heard about it’s release and so i went out to buy it about a week ago. I’m more than just impressed with everything about it, from the artwork and fold-out cover to the great guitar work on this album, not to mention the overall musicianship. Neil Fallon’s vocals don’t sound *as* harsh as on previous albums, at least to me, but they may have to do with the great production on this album. The trademark crazy rhymes/lyrics are still there though, delivered with the same style of old.

    My favorite songs for the moment are; “The Incomparable Mr. Flannery”, “Gullah”, “Mice and Gods”, “Never Be Moved”, “10001110101″, and the country-vibe of “Gravel Road”. There are alot of highlights on this album though, so one just has to listen to it as a whole and take it all in. There are also two instrumentals which are great. They are; “Small Upsetters” and “Tripping The Alarm”. The album closes with; “Who’s Been Talking?”, and it’s pretty much the most quiet track on this album. This album i think will grow on alot of people. That is to say, that it’ll take a little while to get into. For me, it took a few days for it all to come together. But once it does, you’ll be listening to it quite frequently.

    So here you have it.. Clutch. New Album. 14 songs. 55 minutes long. If you’re already a fan, it’s a no-brainer. For new fans, i’d even start with this. Maybe try the samples first and see what you think. This is, yet again, another really enjoyable album by Clutch. It’s definitely worth your time if you’re even slightly into Rock or Hard Rock/Blues.

    I’m already wondering how their next album will sound like..

    Posted on January 19, 2010