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Rock in Rio

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  • 250,000 people. I would call that an astronomical lot of people at any place, at a given time. While all previous live efforts by Maiden suffered a lot in production (esp. the drums), this one excels. Infact, the songs from Brave New World sound so much better live than in studio. Bruce Dickinson wails and shrieks like he used to before. The crowd is more vociferous and full of energy. This is a thoroughly exemplifying performance that proves that rock is indeed not dead…and that heavy metal will always remain the cockroach of rock…omnipotent and eternal. People who hate this album, as I presume, must belong to the hordes of fans of nu-metal or rock-rap. Here’s a message to all you folks who think old-school is dead…FILL A STADIUM FULL OF 250,000 FANS, AND THEN WE’LL TALK!!Hail the Irons!!!

    Posted on January 18, 2010