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Rock in Rio

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  • Wow. Imagine being part of the crowd during Iron Maiden’s stop to Rio de Janerio for their Brave New World tour. Just think being part of 250,000 screaming brazilians who know every word to every song that Iron Maiden perform. Also imagine Iron Maiden’s best live album released since Live After Death. Finally, imagine Bruce Dickinson, the voice of Iron Maiden, back with the band to stay!

    Maiden get things going with a bang with the opener, The Wickerman. They continue on with Ghost of the Navigator and Brave New World. The song 2 Minutes to Midnight is breathtaking, along with the song, Blood Brothers. Two of my favorite tracks come from…yes…songs from the two Blaze albums he did with Iron Maiden – The Sign of the Cross and The Clansman. Even though Bruce did not write the material, he performs them with so much emotion and passion. The Evil that Men Do and Fear of the Dark sound equally good. The songs Number of the Beast, Hallowed be thy Name, and Run to the Hills caps off a brilliant live show.

    Iron Maiden are my favorite band of all time. This live album is just as good as Live After Death and a great compliment to anyone’s metal collection. Maiden continues to make incredible music with their Dance of Death release last year. I was able to see them perform in Los Angeles, CA for their American leg of that tour. It was a beautiful experience. Please buy this album, along with Live After Death!! These are ESSENTIAL to own for Maiden fans! This is NOT to be missed! Purchase the live DVD!!

    Posted on January 18, 2010