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Rock in Rio

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  • Holy crap!! With the 2 last great studio albums, Maiden put out another excellent live album. This live album is the proof that the modern Maiden is just good as the 80’s Maiden and that even these days they can still crank metal that is actually metal. This live album is easily Maiden’s best, even better than ‘Live After Death’ (which kicked ass as well), and I’ll tell you why.

    Some reviewers here claim that LAD was better because that had the best tracklist, but c’mon, what do you wan’t them to do, to make 5 live albums with the same tracklist?
    Other complain that it has nothing from the late 80’s albums except for ‘The Evil Men That Do’, and even this sounds better here. I was surprised to not see ‘Wasted Years’ or ‘Heaven Can Wait’ here, but ‘Somewhere in Time’ is actually my least favorite IM album from the 80’s so it doesn’t really bother me.
    Here you have what the 90’s songs lacked, and this is Bruce vocals and Adrian’s killer solos. My favorite track here is ‘Fear of the Dark’, and it is the best version ever made to this song, with Adrian’s solo. ‘Sign of the Cross’ is also much better than the studio version, Blaze sang this well but Bruce did it better.
    Most of the early 80’s songs sound better on LAD with the exception of ‘Hallowed Be Thy Name’ and ‘Run to the Hills’, because of Bruce vocals, but the still kick here.
    There is also 3 guitarists, and believe me, it helps here. And there is also double bass drumming, which wasn’t on LAD, and that really helps in tracks like ‘Hallowed be thy Name’, but this song still sounds at its best in the studio.
    There are some songs that sound even better live like those I listed above, but as well ‘Blood Brothers’, ‘Ghost of the Navigator’, ‘Clansman’ and ‘Run to the Hills’.
    The production is also good, although on LAD it was better but slightly. It’s certainly better than the production crap on ‘Live at Donington’ and ‘Real Live Dead One’.
    If I have any complaints, it should be as people said, there are too much songs from ‘Brave New World’, there should be more songs from ‘Powerslave’ (the best metal album ever, period). The only 2 tracks I was dissapointed with are ‘2 Minutes to Midnight’, and ‘Wrathchild’, they sound at their best in the studio and here the vocals don’t fit the instruments.

    If you like live concerts and Maiden and don’t have this, get it now. Don’t waste your money on Metallica’s or Linkin Park’s concerts (Metallica has good stuff, but today their concerts just blow), Maiden destroys them live (and LP in the studio, IM can get away without a DJ and millions of synthersizers to enhance their sound).

    Posted on January 18, 2010