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Rock of Ages: The Definitive Collection

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  • 1) It’s the best compilation that offers 35 of the band’s tracks.
    2) It gives you an excellent look at their most successful years (1980-1992.)
    3) Having “Rock of Ages” will save you the trouble of getting three of their albums “High ‘n’ Dry” “Pyromania” and “Hysteria” due to the fact that most of the tracks from those albums are here.
    4) This compilation is less expensive and better than the two, separate greatest-hits packages from the band.
    5) While it consists a very good deal of the albums I mentioned above, it also gives you a good sample of songs from their other albums such as “On Through The Night”, “Retro Active” and “Euphoria”.
    6) It’s less expensive than getting both of the other greatest-hits packages.
    7) The inside booklet features comments from the band members on each song, plus cool photos and a brief overview of their career. 8) Because this covers their career (though mostly 80-92 like I mentioned) it shows how the band can change their sound but still sound great.
    9) The two CDs are packaged in the same case so you don’t have to spend extra money as if it was a box set.
    10) Def Leppard Rocks!
    This is a very well put-together compilation of a great rock band. I strongly recommend getting it, it’ll be hard to stop listening to it and you’ll instantly love it.

    Posted on December 31, 2009