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Rock On

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  • This is Humble Pie at their studio recording peak. From the opening booming and ringing chords of Frampton’s anthemic “Shine On”, it’s obvious that the listener is in for a hell-of-a-ride through some eclectic and classic 70’s rock. Everything from a taste of country rock (“Sour Grain”) to blues (“Rolling Stone”) to jazz-rock (“Strange Days”). The talent and abilities of this band at this point in their career was as good as it gets in rock & roll. The interplay between Frampton’s and Marriott’s vocals and guitar playing was unsurpassed at the time.I had seen The Pie live 2 or 3 times prior to the release of this recording. The stride they hit with the release of “ROCK ON” made you think they could make great music forever (as The Stones continue to do). This disc should be a MUST LISTEN to any serious rock fan. Every song is a bit of true magic.

    Posted on December 20, 2009