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  • If you like your rock with feel and lots of groove, you need this cd. Triumph was a Canadian band that was pretty big in the late 70’s early 80’s and this is the cd that got them known the best. Triumph has put out some stinkers, but this one folks totally rocks from start to finish.

    This is the newly remastered one and it does sound very good. However the original album’s sound quality was also very good considering it was released in the late 70’s, so why should we expect anything but top notch quality here? I love this cd and it’s one of my favourites for straight ahead classic rock. I’d say it’s right up their with Boston’s first release. If you like that old fashioned guitar rock, you need this cd in your collection! This release is 100% accurate to the original album that was released way back when. No extra’s or cuts, just 100% true to form.

    Oh and for the guy who keeps bitching about it not having his favorite song (insert blinding light show/moon child here!!!), it was never on this album, it was on their first release and was the last track in fact. Check it out!!

    Canadian rock rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted on March 3, 2010