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Rocked, Wired & Bluesed: The Greatest Hits

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  • Arguably, the best of the ’80’s Metal Bands. Never could figure out why they where so underrated, they had an amazing lead singer in Tom Keifer (What couldn’t the man do.) and that Polygram did nothing for them. They had the talent to be another band that stays around like Aerosmith, just keeps you rockin’ and begging for more.
    With the Rocked, Wired and Bluesed greatest hits package. Their older fans already have these songs, it offers nothing new and only get these songs digital enhansed with the new technology. With no new goodies on this one, I just burned my own copy from their original releases and made a second disc (see track list below). Another draw back to this release it covers their early career well and leaves off too many good tracks from Heartbreak Station and Still Climbing. Now if your picking up this release as your first Cinderella album you will love this 17 song collection of their best hits. Also realize there’s a bunch of tracks missing from this release, that should be on it. You definately will want to pickup all their releases, because they are that good of a band.
    Now I mentioned that, I burned my copy of this from their Original releases and went a step further and burned a second disc with 17 tracks. Well here’s the trackinglist of that disc:
    Nothin’ For Nothin’, Once Around The Ride, In From The Outside, Second Wind, Take Me Back, Love’s Got Me Doin’Time, Sick For The Cure, One For Rock And Roll, Make Your Own Way, Love Gone Bad, All Comes Down, Talk Is Cheap, Through The Rain, Easy Come, Easy Go, The Road’s Still Long, Move Over and War Stories.

    Posted on December 3, 2009