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Rockin' the Joint

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If one had told an Aerosmith fan in 1975 that three decades hence they’d be shelling out a handful of c-notes to see their heroes rocking a Las Vegas quasi-lounge, they’d have likely chuckled, slapped the headphones back over their greasy locks and cranked up Toys in the Attic for its 897th go ‘round. But here they are, American hard rock’s greatest survivors, rockin’, talkin’ ‘n’ walking an artistic tightrope at the Hard Rock Café’s Joint between expected crotch-rock chestnuts (a blues-sassed ”Same Old Song and Dance,” a hard-charging ”Draw the Line” and obligatory ”Walk This Way”) and their unlikely latter-day incarnation the MOR ballad-mongers of Diane Warren’s ”I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing.” But if gritty takes on ”No More No More” and the shadowy ”Seasons of Wither” point up just how formulaic the band had become by the time of Just Push Play’s ”Light Inside,” their snotty covers of ”Big Ten Inch” and ”Rattlesnake Shake,” Fleetwood Mac’s ‘60s ode to self-love, argue they’re still 15 at heart – even if the focused performances here are obviously the product of grizzled veterans. The DVD program on this Dual Disc edition features live video takes of the album’s ”No More..” and ”Draw the Line,” as well as bonus performances of early band staples ”Dream On” and ”Sweet Emotion.” –Jerry McCulley

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  • I would have given this a 5 star rating but I cannot stand the Just Push Play songs and I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing. This album is also missing song selections from the best Aerosmith album of all time…Rocks. Get rid of Miss a Thing and add Rats in the Cellar, Back in the Saddle, or Nobody’s Fault. Or how about Sick as a Dog? Get rid of the Just Push Play songs and add in some Rocks and this album would have been a masterpiece.

    But I am happy to see some of the other rare songs like Seasons of Wither and No More No More. But this album is in bad need of some Rocks.

    Posted on January 14, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Yes, this album is definitely one of the best albums I have heard in a long time…a long time. It is not right to keep comparing Aerosmith to the Stones – they are not “wantobees”, please spare us from lack of “music knowledge”.
    I gave this Album a 5 Star since I am really into it…but I am also really disappointed. I am disappointed that the buyer keeps on getting bent. Why, and I would really like to have this one answered, why not the whole show??? What is with this nonsense? Why not the whole show on either DVD or whole the show on CD. Why Dual Disc? What happened to guts n rock n roll? I have seen Aerosmith 183 times in concert, been a fan since 1973, turned non fan during the crazy, cryin, times, and I am back as a fan again. The answer is fact: it is the industry that controls rock and roll and non else. Aerosmith are rich enough and should be bold enough to give us more shows from the 70s and 80s, the setlists should be rearranged and so on and so on….but who really makes the decisions on that? Let the money do the talking. Aerosmiths best concert was performed in the year 2001 in Munich Germany, only 1000 people went to see them…the club did not fit more than that. I had the honor and privilege to see them there. Rockin the Joint is such a good Album, it gives the Club Show Feeling back to fans that never wanted Aerosmith in the Stadiums but rather in the Clubs.
    Please give us the complete show on DVD, why throw out the bait with only 4 songs on DVD Dual? Why? You could have made up for the :”You gotta move” thing where you dared to interrupt “Draw the Line”. Aerosmith is on the best move to give the long time diehard fan something back, they should do it right. JOE PERRY – YOUR ALBUM IS AWESOME!!!!!

    Posted on January 14, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Aerosmith always seems to come out with a hit album, even when its a live cd. Reminding fans of the old days with many early songs, Aerosmith hits it big with another fantastic album. From Bootleg to Little South of Sanity, Aerosmith knows how to make a live album, and this is more proof. With four songs off of the fantastic Get Your Wings album (Seasons of Wither, Train Kept a Rollin’, Same Old Song and Dance, and Pandora’s Box), three from the following Toy’s in the Attic (Walk This Way, No More No More, and Big Ten Inch), old time Aerosmith is brought into a new genteration. Hearing some of the mentioned songs live is spectacular. I can’t wait until their concert in December.

    Posted on January 14, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Granted based on the reviews I have read, most will not agree with me but this album, especially after the hype is a disappointment. The quality is there, but you would think one of the greatest live acts of all time would get the concept of a live album. I even read in a couple of interviews where Joe Perry was quoted as saying Aerosmith wanted to put out a COMPLETE live show> Where is it? This is a collection of live tracks from the same show, but I want the show, the entire package. That is a true live album, something that allows you to get the emotion and vibe from that evening. I would think after placing interviews in the middle of the last DVD that prevented you from watching the show in its entirety would have been enough for the record company, or whoever makes these decisions to figure out what the fans wanted, but obviously, someone does not get it. However, the record company has no problem releasing a double disc greatest hits package every Christmas. C’mon people, I have seen you 15 times since 1977, I want some real live albums, one night, complete set, all of Tyler’s banter, even the screw-ups. I can remember when you cats used to crank out Peter gun or the theme from Batman, Give us the Rocks tour, or show some guts and give us the done with mirrors tour, heck just re release this album in its complete form. Just put out a true live album

    Posted on January 14, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • The reason I say this is confusing is because there are multiple versions of this available and also more than one format. We have the standard CD version, the Dualdisc version (more on that format in a minute), an import version that contains track(s) not on the American release (“Toys In The Attic”), and the Target versions, where both the CD and Dualdisc sold at Target stores contain two bonus tracks only available supposedly from Target. The bonus tracks are “Living On The Edge” and “What It Takes”, both of which are worth having as they sound good and it doesn’t hurt that the Target versions cost $2 (Dualdisc) and $4 (CD) less than elsewhere. With all that said, the music is excellent throughout. Aerosmith sound in fine form and throw in some nice older selections that haven’t been heard on any other live album they have released (“No More No More”, “Seasons Of Wither”, etc.) The video footage, which includes four songs (two of which are not included on the CD side – “Dream On”, “Sweet Emotion”), is excellent. Joe Perry changes guitars for every song, Steven’s voice is in good form, and Whitford, Hamilton & Kramer lock the rhythm down tight and they all look like they are having fun doing so. It’s a shame that they didn’t just release the whole show on DVD. One complaint, and this is why it only gets 4 stars, is the Dualdisc format. This is one of several I have purchased (another being the Joe Perry solo album) that has some sort of problem playing correctly. They all have a little sticker with writing so small you can hardly read it that states the CD side may not/will not play on all CD players. Sadly, for me, this is true on both of my players (which are only a couple of years old). Dualdiscs do not have any specifications they have to adhere to (unlike CD and DVD) so they tend to vary in thickness which can cause reading errors on some players. Now I know you may think “buy the CD then”, but if you buy the CD, you don’t have access to the video footage. That leaves the choice of buying both formats in order to get all the music or trying to buy a new player that may or may not play the Dualdiscs since they have no predetermined standard that has to be adhered to for universal use. I guess my point is, why do the record companies keep issuing things in this format if there is no standard to insure it will work properly on all players? At least in some cases, you do have a choice, such as the Aerosmith—Joe Perry only came in Dualdisc format, as did Bruce Springsteen’s last release. I realize that they all have the complete audio on the DVD side also, but that doesn’t help if your only option happens to be a CD player or if you want to listen to just the music in your car or on a Discman since they have problems playing the CD side. Why not just issue a regular version of the CD and a limited edition with a bonus DVD and charge a little more for that? It’s not like that hasn’t been done before. For that matter, give us the bonus DVD content for free—it’s not like CD prices aren’t high enough as is. Overall rating – audio, video and performance – 5 stars minus 1 star for the format and my apologies for using this review as a soapbox to bash Dualdiscs, but I felt it should be said.

    Posted on January 14, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now