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No Description AvailableNo Track Information AvailableMedia Type: CDArtist: AEROSMITHTitle: ROCKSStreet Release Date: 09/07/1993<Domestic or Import: DomesticGenre: ROCK/POPThey’d soon crash, and hard, thanks to their own excesses. But Rocks captures Aerosmith at a crazily driven peak of creativity; anyone who heard it and continued to dismiss them as mere Stones clones was just being willful. This is blues rock cranked up to ’70s stadium level, the sound of the Trans Am, or maybe the Porsches several of these guys (surprisingly) remember driving. The psychic battering they would succumb to on the next year’s Draw the Line is foreshadowed in Joe Perry’s ”Combination,” but he and Steven Tyler also celebrate the rock-star mythos on ”Lick and a Promise.” The party-fueled tension, the tension-fueled party. –Rickey Wright

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  • You know how some albums just take you back to better times? You’re there – 1976, the world is your oyster and all is cool and righteous…

    That is what this album signifies for me. I was 14-years-old when this album was released and this album really popped my hard rock cherry!

    Other people may list their favorite Aerosmith album as “Aerosmith”, “Toys in The Attic” or “Get Your Wings”, which by the way, are all great, but this one just strikes a chord with me. It’s Aerosmith at their most frenetic, rocking, best!!

    You know how some bands produce their best work when they are going through internal strife, ie. Fleetwood Mac – “Rumours”?
    That’s what this is – THe band’s musical talent at it’s peak while the band is at the precipice of drug abuse, arguing, etc.
    Ironically, especially in the 70’s, it works.

    This album ROCKS, just like it’s title. If you were a teen, or in your twenties in the 70’s you were listening to this album!

    It’s Marlboros, guarts of Budweiser, Gold Chevy Dusters, power-hitters, and suburban parties along roads in undeveloped neighborhoods!

    It bleeds the 70’s hard rock era, and I will always love it!

    Disregard anyone who puts this album down. They’re just closet ABBA lovers who hate real rock!

    Posted on December 22, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • “Rocks”, the 1976 release from the Boston Bad Boys, is often heralded as their greatest work ever. One play of this disk will certainly prove this to even the sternest of doubters. Forget all of this “pop-rock” stuff Aerosmith has turned out over the past 10 years, (except “Pump”, which is excellent!) “Rocks” is the real deal – an excellent rock n’ roll record that is very consistent throughout. The opener, everyone’s fav “Back in the Saddle”, kicks off the album with a galloping bang Following it is perhaps Brad Whitford’s best contribution to the band’s arsenal, the really funky “Last Child”. Then, just when you think the funk will rule this album, “Rats in the Cellar” kickstarts the rock, with Joe Perry’s “Combination” finishing off the one-two combo. Next we have the fan favorite, “Sick as a Dog”. Filled with great vocal harmonies and a spectacular main guitar riff, this song will please anyone, even those who don’t particularly care for Aerosmith. The next tracks are “Nobody’s Fault” and “Get the Lead Out” – read HEAVY rock. These two are possibly the two weakest tracks on “Rocks” but, they too are monumental songs, with “Nobody’s Fault” featuring some particularly haunting screams from vocalist extrodinare Steven Tyler. After this avalanche of rock n’ roll, the grand finale is entrenced in the beautifully orchestrated “Home Tonight”, which I feel is one of Tyler’s best ballads ever. Backed by a 100-something piece orchestra, Tyler’s beatiful piano lines mesh with a vocal performance that is a great example of his incredible range.”Rocks” is one of those rare albums that grabs the litener by the you know whats and doesn’t let go until the very end; from the opening stomps of the bass drum in “Back in the Saddle” to the final fading chords of the piano in “Home Tonight”. Words cannot do this album justice, it just has to be heard to be believed – this is Aerosmith at their VERY, VERY BEST!!

    Posted on December 22, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • This is the REAL Aerosmith. You won’t find any of the sugar-coated, sell-out, mainstream geared crap that they’ve turned out in the 90’s. This is the raw, rockin’, and dangerous Aerosmith of the 70’s. There is not a weak track on this gem. From the rocking bass-driven “Back In The Saddle”, to the bluesy jive of “Last Child”, the fast-paced and reckless “Rats In The Cellar”, the environmentally conscious “Nobody’s Fault”, to the grandiose ballad “Home Tonight”, etc., etc., etc., this album Rocks from start to finish. It is clear that so many bands that would come later were listening to this album way back when. Those people who think that what Aerosmith does now is great, needs to go back and listen to a REAL rock album, ROCKS. This is Aerosmith’s crowning achievemnet.

    Posted on December 22, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • 10 million thumbs up! Without a dought the greatest rock&roll record of all time. Everybody owned it,everywhere you went it was playing. TOYS IN THE ATTIC brought AEROSMITH to the front of the line. ROCKS made them superstars. BACK IN THE SADDLE is the anthem of the 70’s generation. LAST CHILD & RATS IN THE CELLER come right out of the same attitude as Alice Cooper’s SCHOOLS OUT. The rest of this cd just smokes big time. SLASH from GUNS&ROSES says this record changed his life,mine too! The only other rockin stuff to come out in 1976? J. Geils Band/Blow Your Face Off! Live and Mahogany RushIV. But nothing with the memories of ROCKS. Makes a great gift to. THANK YOU VERY MUCH! JAMIN JIM PS sounds real good with Ted Nugents FREE FOR ALL cd.

    Posted on December 22, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • I drooled on the window of the local Record Bar. Nose pressed against the window, waiting for 10am when all the stores in the mall would finally open. In my fist I clutched a $10 bill. Beyond the steamy glass they were stocking copies of the new Aerosmith LP “Rocks”…the follow-up to “Toys in the Attic”. When the doors opened I strutted in, selected my sacred copy of the new release, and purchased it at the counter. With the new record on the passenger seat of my 1970 Ford Maverick, I sat at the wheel driving home. My first driver’s license barely cool from being freshly minted the day before. When I got home, I leapt from the car, leaving the wadded shrink wrap on the front seat. Through the door of my parent’s house, and straight to my bedroom I went. I put the record on my turntable, and sat on the edge of my bed. The sound came from my cheap GE Stereo speakers, cranked loud enough to cause sterility. But the testosterone flowed freely as I sat mesmerized for the duration of the LP, only coming out of the daze long enough to turn the record over at the end of side one. Again I was stoked beyond words by the power of Aerosmith! I picked up the phone and called my friend Mac. “Have you heard this?” Putting the phone up to the speakers. I went down my personal phone list, repeating the process…”Have you heard this?” I could imagine recievers dangling off the hook as friends ran out the door with $10 bills in thier hands. To this day, I rememeber the awe that swelled up inside of me as I proceeded to wear the grooves of this record so thin that you could see through the vinyl. 20 years later: Shutting off my bedside lamp, I layed down for the evening. On my nightstand, a $20 bill. “Tomorrow,” I thought to myself, “it finally comes out on CD.” Yes…this record is THAT good!

    Posted on December 21, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now