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  • I drooled on the window of the local Record Bar. Nose pressed against the window, waiting for 10am when all the stores in the mall would finally open. In my fist I clutched a $10 bill. Beyond the steamy glass they were stocking copies of the new Aerosmith LP “Rocks”…the follow-up to “Toys in the Attic”. When the doors opened I strutted in, selected my sacred copy of the new release, and purchased it at the counter. With the new record on the passenger seat of my 1970 Ford Maverick, I sat at the wheel driving home. My first driver’s license barely cool from being freshly minted the day before. When I got home, I leapt from the car, leaving the wadded shrink wrap on the front seat. Through the door of my parent’s house, and straight to my bedroom I went. I put the record on my turntable, and sat on the edge of my bed. The sound came from my cheap GE Stereo speakers, cranked loud enough to cause sterility. But the testosterone flowed freely as I sat mesmerized for the duration of the LP, only coming out of the daze long enough to turn the record over at the end of side one. Again I was stoked beyond words by the power of Aerosmith! I picked up the phone and called my friend Mac. “Have you heard this?” Putting the phone up to the speakers. I went down my personal phone list, repeating the process…”Have you heard this?” I could imagine recievers dangling off the hook as friends ran out the door with $10 bills in thier hands. To this day, I rememeber the awe that swelled up inside of me as I proceeded to wear the grooves of this record so thin that you could see through the vinyl. 20 years later: Shutting off my bedside lamp, I layed down for the evening. On my nightstand, a $20 bill. “Tomorrow,” I thought to myself, “it finally comes out on CD.” Yes…this record is THAT good!

    Posted on December 21, 2009