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  • This is the REAL Aerosmith. You won’t find any of the sugar-coated, sell-out, mainstream geared crap that they’ve turned out in the 90’s. This is the raw, rockin’, and dangerous Aerosmith of the 70’s. There is not a weak track on this gem. From the rocking bass-driven “Back In The Saddle”, to the bluesy jive of “Last Child”, the fast-paced and reckless “Rats In The Cellar”, the environmentally conscious “Nobody’s Fault”, to the grandiose ballad “Home Tonight”, etc., etc., etc., this album Rocks from start to finish. It is clear that so many bands that would come later were listening to this album way back when. Those people who think that what Aerosmith does now is great, needs to go back and listen to a REAL rock album, ROCKS. This is Aerosmith’s crowning achievemnet.

    Posted on December 22, 2009