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  • You know how some albums just take you back to better times? You’re there – 1976, the world is your oyster and all is cool and righteous…

    That is what this album signifies for me. I was 14-years-old when this album was released and this album really popped my hard rock cherry!

    Other people may list their favorite Aerosmith album as “Aerosmith”, “Toys in The Attic” or “Get Your Wings”, which by the way, are all great, but this one just strikes a chord with me. It’s Aerosmith at their most frenetic, rocking, best!!

    You know how some bands produce their best work when they are going through internal strife, ie. Fleetwood Mac – “Rumours”?
    That’s what this is – THe band’s musical talent at it’s peak while the band is at the precipice of drug abuse, arguing, etc.
    Ironically, especially in the 70’s, it works.

    This album ROCKS, just like it’s title. If you were a teen, or in your twenties in the 70’s you were listening to this album!

    It’s Marlboros, guarts of Budweiser, Gold Chevy Dusters, power-hitters, and suburban parties along roads in undeveloped neighborhoods!

    It bleeds the 70’s hard rock era, and I will always love it!

    Disregard anyone who puts this album down. They’re just closet ABBA lovers who hate real rock!

    Posted on December 22, 2009