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  • Damn, this album kicks you in the teeth from the beginning and only pauses twice briefly before it’s over. I had reservations about buying this album at first. I’m not a huge metal fan and I knew Sepultura was an 80’s death metal band. I just read so many reviews sayig how great it was I really couldn’t resist. WOWI normally enjoy more mellodic or clean vocals but Max has got a set of lungs on him. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a roar as deep as his especially right out of the gate(“Roots, Bloody Roots”).This album follows no formula whatsoever and each song takes on a life of its own. There a two lighter tracks, a really great acoustic guitar solo and a song with the band playing acoustic and a tribe chanting and singing. That one is pretty impressive.Others favorites include the crazy “Ratamahatta”. This song jumped out at me and has remained my favorite song on the album since I got it. Masterful percussion throuhgout the entire album. The guitar playing is cool because some of the songs take on a traditional death metal grind but others have the downtuned sound of early nu-metal(let’s say Korn but incredibly heavier). This counts alot to the originality and diversity of the album.Anyway, go out and buy it if you like good music.

    Posted on January 6, 2010