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  • Even though Rammstein released a new album only a year after their 2004 release, “Reise, Reise,” and several of the songs on “Rosenrot” are b-sides from the 2004 recording sessions, it is an unfair statement to say the new album is “Reise, Reise: Part 2.” Sure, the chugga-chugga riffs that 1998’s “Sehnsucht” had are still mostly missing, but “Rosenrot” is not nearly as dark or brooding as its predecessor. And six of the songs on here are “Reise, Reise” out-takes, but five of the songs are new, and it’s hard to tell which are which. On this, Rammstein’s fifth record, the German industrial metal machine offsets artsy songs with full-fledged rockers. “Wo Bist Du” contrasts guitar crunch with a wind instrument of some kind, and some beeping synthesizers; track six is almost a power ballad with soft strumming and female singing; and “Ein Lied” even finds a choir joining the scene. But, conversely, there is still plenty of stuff to snap your neck to. “Spring” has snarling vocals in the verses and heavy, pounding riffs in the choruses; “Zerstoren” has chug and churn guitars which almost make your speakers vibrate; and “Hilf Mir” ends with explosive riffs that take turns with cool piano playing. Two other standout tracks are “Mann Gegen Mann” and “Feuer und Wasser.” These songs make good use of a soft-loud dynamic, with restrained verses and thunderous choruses. All in all, “Rosenrot” is not Rammstein’s finest work to date, but it is yet another very solid album from a very solid band. It isn’t a mindblowing album, but it will surely satisfy and solidify a strong fan base. If you’re a fan and you can find it, definitely grab it.

    Posted on December 6, 2009