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Rude Awakening

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2009 two CD set, released to coincide with the 30th Anniversary of the influential 2 Tone label. This collection includes classic Ska bands from the ’60s as well as acts that helped the 2 Tone label become a household name. The 2-Tone movement and its multi racial message came along when racism was a huge problem. It aimed at educating the general public about racial dis-harmony and unite cultures. 46 tracks including cuts from The Specials, Madness, Bad Manners, The Selecter, The Beat, The Skatalites, The Ethiopians, Desmond Dekker, Lee Scratch Perry and many others. Sanctuary.Rec-room rock stars can rejoice knowing that drum and guitar solos, long thought extinct in the post-grunge era, are alive, well, and flourishing in the hands of speed-metal granddaddies Megadeth. Seriously, Rude Awakening, the band’s first-ever live set, is almost certain to benefit from renewed interest sparked by the reissue of their spruced-up debut, Killing Is My Business. . . and Business Is Good. That album, like most in Megadeth’s canon, is quoted here (”Mechanix”). The band also revisits So Far, So Good. . . So What (”Hook in Mouth”), Peace Sells. . . But Who’s Buying (”Peace Sells”), The World Needs a Hero (”Return to Hangar”), Countdown to Extinction (”Symphony of Destruction,” ”Sweating Bullets”), Youthanasia (”Train of Consequences”), Rust in Peace (”Hangar 18”), and Cryptic Writings (”Almost Honest”). Fanned across two discs, Rude Awakening’s 24 tracks capture Dave Mustaine and cohorts in top form–lightning fast, muscular, nihilistic, urgent, and, of course, very, very angry–with crowd noise kept to a bearable minimum. –Kim Hughes

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  • Gee, how long has Megadeth been around, and they’re just now putting out a live album? Oh well. At least they did it before they broke up (I’m not quite ready to talk about that yet!). I normally don’t buy live albums, but whenever my favorite bands put them out, I’ll go ahead and give them a listen. This was surely worth the long wait. Oh man. So much goodness here. 24 killer tracks, from all their time periods, heavier and better than before. It’s awesome that they put “Return to Hangar” and “Hangar 18″ back to back. So much hangar-y goodness, heh heh. Dave sounds better than ever, both vocally and musically. I always thought he was a much better and more evil sounding singer than that James Hetfield person, and certainly a far superior guitarist than him or that other weird-looking guitarist from that band whose name escapes me (Metalli-something?). Just great, great stuff here, better than I could have ever imagined. Until now, the only bands who made live albums I cared anything about were Iron Maiden, Dream Theater, and Iced Earth. I was kinda let down by Pantera and Slayer’s live stuff (well, I didn’t buy them, so maybe I shouldn’t say “let down”), but this one delivers, like UPS on a hot day (I don’t know, don’t ask). Go buy this, and the new live Maiden, “Rock in Rio”. It’s awesome as well.While I still hope one day I’ll wake up from a dream, and won’t have heard that Dave can’t play guitar anymore, I’m still very glad I have this. The band may be gone, but the music lives forever. Good luck to you, Dave. We’ll miss your gift for many years to come.

    Posted on March 5, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Although this could be Megadeth’s swan song (“World Needs A Hero” could be as well), this just falls short of being one of the best live albums ever released, but for Megadeth a live album is long overdue. With chants of USA in the background, Megadeth plays furiously; Dave Mustaine’s disdain ridden voice and precision rhythm guitar work is excelled by Dave Ellefson fantastic bass lines (you can really hear how talented a bassist he is), while newer additions Al Pitrelli and Jimmy DeGrasso showcase that they have filled their predecesor’s shoes (well, sometimes anyway). “Dread & The Fugitive Mind”, “She Wolf”, “Symphony of Destruction”, “Sweating Bullets”, “Peace Sells”, “Trust”, “A Tout Le Monde”, and “In My Darkest Hour” are brought to life live beautifully, and I am very very happy to see “Mechanix”, “Wake Up Dead”, “Devil’s Island”, “Angry Again”, and “Hook in Mouth” all here, as is the crowd who sing along as well they can. However, there are a bit of downsides. Dave Ellefson’s voice is horrible, and ruins “Train of Consequences” completely, while the guitar work on “Hangar 18″ is rather weak, proving Al Pitrelli isn’t quite as good as Marty Friedman. While it would have been great to have a live album from the Mustaine-Friedman-Ellefson-Menza era, this really isn’t that bad, and you’ll find yourself headbanging along to some of Megadeth’s best.

    Posted on March 5, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • I’m gonna start off by saying that this album is great, and is definitely worth buying for the Megadeth/speed-metal fans out there. Although Al Pitrelli (lead guitarist) and Jimmy DeGrasso (drummer) are not as good and punchy as the old-school, classic Megadeth duo of Friedman (lead) and Menza (drums), the instrumental solo’s are still awe-inspiring, like the drum solo in “She-Wolf” and the frequent excellent Pitrelli solos. Also, I think that Dave Mustaine’s voice is still great even after his 20 years of singing, despite what others say. The only fault that I found with this album (considering it’s live) is the ruining of “Train of Consequences” which was sung by David Ellefson (NOT Dave Mustaine as some people say) who should stick to his bass – and I have to say that his bass playing is still superb as usual. The reason I love this album, is because it is live, and for me that makes the tracks seem more alive and natural (rather than in a studio)… it’s just a shame that a live recording wasn’t made back with the original line-up and I’m also gutted that this is the end of Megadeth AFTER 20 YEARS OF THE BEST METAL I’VE EVER HEARD

    Posted on March 5, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Before I get into this review, let me say you are getting a great deal for what you pay. 2 discs full of (well, partially full of) classic Megadeth. This cd has great sound quality and a few cool places in between songs where Dave talks, however brief they may be. It is also cool how the two new guys step up and deliver all the classics with the same power as the Marty and Menza.

    Now some of the bad things. The songs selection is just ok in my opinion. They play a lot off of The World Needs a Hero, which is understandable considering thats what they’re touring. It’s actually a very good album, but I thought they chose a lot of the wrong ones. Burning Bridges and 1000 Times Goodbye really aren’t special. Off of Cryptic Writings they take Trust, She-Wolf, and Almost Honest. ALmost Honest should not be on here, and on the other two Mustaine has a little vocal trouble, he just sounds off. She Wolf does have sweet guitar and drum solos at the end though, making it well worth listening to. Other than A Tout Le Monde, it seems like Mustaine also has trouble singing the tracks from Youthanasia too. During Train of Consequences he forgets the words and mumbles.

    Some of the best tracks include Hangar 18, Return to Hangar, Mechanix, Dread and the Fugitive Mind, and everything off Peace Sells. The best track though, which surprised me, is Hook In Mouth hands down. It is performed just like it is on the album.
    Once again, this is a great deal for what you’re paying, and though there are a few lyrical mess-ups, it’s the only live Megadeth CD out there, and therefore a must have for any Deth fan.

    One other thing. There’s a half-cd/half-dvd version. Don’t buy it. You lose half the songs when you can really just go pick this and the full length DVD up seperately for a better price.

    Posted on March 5, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • I know the top rating is 5 stars, but this record is simply… Awesome! It is the best live record to hit my ears since Ozzy’s “Tribute”, it is one of the finest metal live records ever and most certainly one of Megadeth top 5!

    Where to begin, what to say? The record is perfect: the sound is clear, the performances are unbelievable, everything is just so… the only bad thing? That this is Megadeth’s last album, after Dave’s suffering some serious injury…But i think i’ve come up with a good way to describe it: according to the studio albums represented here:

    - “Killing…”: “Mechanix” is the only one here, but most certainly the best choice. Dave’s intro to the song says it all…

    -”Peace…”: excellent! the title song, “wake up dead” and “Devil’s island” are great. A song missing? Maybe “My last words” or “The Conjuring”

    -”So far…”: Hook in mouth, In my darkest hour… great! And boy, Al Pitrelli can play!

    -”Rust…”: Perfect! A song missing? Perhaps Lucretia, but the inclusion of “Tornado”(my fav ‘Deth song ever) makes up for that…

    -”Countdown…”: Maybe “foreclosure” and “Countdown” are missing, but once again, the inclusion of “Ashes in your mouth” is a nice surprise…

    -”Youth…”: great selection! no possible complaints here…

    -”Hidden…”: Angry Again is here! ‘nuf said!

    “Cryptic…”: She – Wolf (extended version…cool!) is here, and that’s all that matters… maybe “FFF” or “Desintegrators” could’ve been included…

    “The world…”: only “Motopsycho” is missing here, and maybe “Promises”, but overall, great choices, specially “1000 times goodbye”
    Which record is missing? You guessed it, “Risk”… for most Megafans, that’s a good thing, for me… good either way…

    Bottom Line: The record rules! And even thought I said a couple more songs could ‘ve been included, the fact remains that I wouldn’t trade any of the songs that are in here.I don’t remember the last time i felt so enthousiastic about an album. You don’t miss Chris Poland, Jeff Young, Marty Friedman or any other former member, for that matter… (no disrespect to them), and I think that fact alone speakes volumes!(RIP Gar Samuelson)
    The only bad thing is having to see them go… but if you have to go, go with a bang, as Megadeth did!

    Posted on March 4, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now