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Rush in Rio

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  • Most live CD’s are so polished that they sound like studio albums with crowd noise piped in between tracks. The only reason to buy them is to see how the guitarist voices the songs with one guitar instead of studio overdubs (and many live albums have overdubs that ruin even that); however, ‘Rush in Rio’ captures a true live sound like no live CD (or album) I have ever heard since Kiss Alive. To get a live recording through the mixing board the band can jam with or without a crowd, and apart from possibly a bit more energy in the performances, what is the point. The liner notes claim a primitive Brazilian mobile recording truck captured the performance, but it also captured the ambiance of the massive soccer stadium full of 40,000 fans, the energy and excitement of a live show. I have been to over 100 live concerts (6 of them Rush) and if you close your eyes listening to this CD your ears hear what a live show delivers. Better yet, buy the Rush in Rio DVD and keep your eyes open!I did read one review below that complained of the sound quality. If you want a great sound quality recording, but the studio CD’s. This CD gives live sound that was never meant to be clear as a bell. One very interest note is that at every concert I have ever been to, the mix is always a bit off on the first two or three songs as the sound people adjust for the arena and the given night. True to that, the first few tracks of this are the worst of the mixes, but again that is all part of the live experience. Rush rocks, makes us think, and amazes us that three men deliver such rich and dynamic sounds. My favorite band is great again. Thank you Geddy, Alex and Neal.PS If you read ‘Ghost Rider’ by Neal Peart you will have a much greater appreciation of his performance and presence on this tour.

    Posted on February 7, 2010