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Rush in Rio

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  • Let me state first and foremost that I rarely, if ever, complain about the overall sound quality of an album. Usually a little tinkering of the EQ fixes whatever perceived deficencies exist in the album, or it sounds better through a different pair of speakers. Let me also state that I was very much looking forward to the release of this album. I thought Rush sounded as good as they ever did on the VT tour, and the setlist included some songs I never thought I’d get to hear live.However, I cannot state how disappointing the sound quality is on this disc. Simply put, it is terrible…possibly the worst-sounding live disc I have ever heard (officially released, that is). And contrary to what you may read on others opinions here, this complaint ISN’T exaggerated and it CAN’T be overlooked. The poor audio EQing and the atrocious mixing ruin what could have been a fantastic live album. Musically, tunes such as YYZ, Secret Touch, Between Sun and Moon, Limelight, etc. sound fantastic and full of life…and let’s not forget Neil’s revamped drum solo, which is equally jaw-dropping on disc as it was live. Unfortunately, all of that is wasted on a disc that has too much crowd, not enough vocals, drums that sound like tin cans, and a jumbled mix of instruments that sound, oftentimes, like one great big mess. This is especially hard to take from a band like Rush, who pride themselves on their perfection in the studio and in the live setting. I don’t care of this *was* viewed by the band as an afterthought official bootleg. It wasn’t priced like an afterthought, and surely it wouldn’t have hurt to spend a few extra days at the mixing desk tweaking things. This is a hack job, pure and simple.So, take this as a warning–those of you looking for Different Stages 2 will be sorely disappointed. I didn’t buy into the other reviews here who said the same things, and now I am planning on selling the album back to a used CD store. Throw me some ‘not helpful’ votes if you wish, but those will by no means negate the fact that Rush in Rio is a disappointing, frustrating affair.

    Posted on February 7, 2010