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Rush in Rio

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  • This live album from the legendary Canadian prog trio is awesome. The songs are great, the musicianship is superb, and the vibe of the audience was intense and musical.I don’t understand what the fuss is about the sound quality of this album. I think the sound quality is excellent. Remember this is a live album, and this is a honest live recording that I have heard so far. I have heard live albums where there is some overdubs and fixes on mistakes in the mix, that you wonder if it is even live at all. To me that is not honest. As a society, I believe our ears have gotten so used to clean overproduced polished pop music, that hearing mistakes or a rough mix of something is not appropriate. If you want perfection, listen to classical music.If anyone has read the liner notes for the CD, Neil Peart was quoted as saying that the music was recorded from a primitive recording truck, and that there was no time for soundcheck, no test for the recording crew, and no test for the camera. Basically everyone involved in the creation of the concert had to wing it, and from listening to the album, I think it turned out well. Alex Lifeson and the engineer did a great job of mixing the album to make it as live sounding as possible. My advice for people who purchase recorded music: do your homework and read the liner notes that accompany the music to understand everything that is involved in making an album.I would also like to say that the audience really complemented the band by singing along with the tunes. You do not hear many fans around the world, really listening and vibing to the music, as in Brazil. The album really appealed to me, more in vibe and soul, than in the sound. Rush has always been a band that has been critized for being too technical and not showing emotion, and their live shows being predictable. This time they did it backwards, and played the music to their hearts content in a risky and intense situation where everything was done on the fly with minimal preparation involved.Thank you Alex, Geddy, and Neil for a wonderful documented live souveneir.

    Posted on February 8, 2010