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  • This album should be taken for what it is, a debut of a group still in development. Many of the songs have a “live” feel, like Rush had been playing them on their bar circuit before hitting the studio, and that gives this album a fresh exuberance and less clinical feel.While Neal Peart may be missing, and the lyrics clearly demonstrate this, John Rutsey was a capable drummer. Check out his work on “What You’re Doing” and “Working Man”. Of course, you can then compare it to the live tracks on “All the World’s a Stage.” But, this is a rock album, not a progressive concept album, although there are some cool jams. This album was a good showcase for Alex Lifeson’s guitar chops, prior to Geddy Lee developing a more melodic approach on his bass.We kick off with “Finding My Way”, an excellent lead track with a cool guitar riff and some nice dynamics. Two other standouts are “What You’re Doing” with its rhythmic puzzles and “In the Mood” with it’s line “won’t you come and talk with me, I’ll tell you all my lies”. These are two of the first songs I learned when I picked up a bass guitar so many years ago. The best cut is “Working Man”, a tune built around a good guitar riff and some great jamming that provides a view of things to come from this band.The other songs are decent from an instrumental standpoint but not as memorable as the top four, although “Here Again” might be a sleeper.

    Posted on December 12, 2009