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Rust in Peace

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  • did dave mustaine loose the original master recordings or something? some songs in the remaster clearly have the original vocals, others have been re-recorded. i see nothing in the CD booklet about this. i can’t locate anything from dave on the web. why change what isn’t broke?

    don’t get me wrong: i listened to both back to back, and i count three total songs with re-recorded vocals by Dave: Take No Prisoners, Five Magics and Lucretia. i prefer dave’s RIP vocals of 14 years ago than the updated vocals of today. i’d love to see this one reissued in its original glory. although the remastered cd is completley listenable.

    those of you who have not heard this new edition of this metal masterpiece, get this one now. those of you who have been long time fans of the band and RIP, expect differences. i like both, but prefer the original vocals over the new.

    Posted on January 11, 2010