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  • …or maybe a bit of both…have you ever watched a cat chase a flashlight on a wall…entertaining indeed…however, this album makes me feel like the cat. Can’t really put my finger on what it is about this album…suffice it to say…it has slayer (early), opeth, stoner rock, classic progressive and whatever else you will bear witness round about listen 20, but a fine effort indeed. Everything just seems to find its place in the mix on this album and that is a testament to the band and the production quality. Some may spew venom about the sound quality being too proggy, but if that were the case the drums would be much higher in the mix! To me the drums are great, but the guitar and keyboard interaction make this record what it is. 8 tracks with no repeatition what-so-ever…and for a band of this propensity…you would believe them to be less prolific…but you would be wrong…

    I have listened to this as much as 10,000 days and think this album is much better…and that album has its moments.


    Posted on November 10, 2009