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  • Sacrament is Lamb of God’s latest album, and thus far their most experimental. Randy’s voice has become deeper and more varied. In my opinion his voice on Sacrament sounds the way it does live; a bit deeper than in previous recordings such as “New American Gospel” or “As the Palaces Burn”. Guitar solos are much more frequent throughout the album. To those that say LoG does not incorporate guitar solos into their songs, check out tracks like “The Subtle Arts of Murder and Persuasion” or “Remorse is for the Dead”. Finally, Chris Adler keeps LoG’s lethal assault going with his awe-inspiring drumming skills. Lamb of God is without a doubt loaded with talent. Debating otherwise by saying Sacrament is disappointing is only foolish. As was previously stated, how does a band topple the likely crown jewel of their albums? By working hard to create a new one. People should come to realize this. Bands experiment in hopes of creating an even better sound. To those that might be disappointed with this album because they’re comparing an awesome band to corporate sellouts such as Metallica, get off your high horse and out of your mother’s basement. Great metal bands have come into existence since the 1980s, and Lamb of God is one of them.

    Posted on December 14, 2009