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  • Each member of Lamb of God took a step forward on this album musically, but the result lacks the raw edge that made their previous albums great. The “special edition” dvd documentary sheds light on why: the band is older and more mature, and Machine had a huge impact on how the album sounds. Randy is nuts, and his vocal work is really spectacular – ever try screaming like he does? The music isn’t all bad, either – great drumming and guitar work all around. But the album infuses too much of Machine’s high production into Lamb of God’s cutting sound, diminishing it. Randy also puts too much audience participation in the lyrics – I really don’t see big venues responding “hell no” for verse after verse. No way the band thought keyboards were a cool idea until late in the going – or maybe “way” and really these guys are just a bunch of quasi-prog softies. Either way, the album has some catchy stuff on it and the DVD shows that their next album may be worse, or better, depending on whether they move further into Lamb of God, Inc. territory or regain their spirit.

    Posted on December 15, 2009