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Worship Night 2012.12.28 Jesus (Your Name) / Scott Brenner & Levites

*예수 (주 이름) / 스캇 브래너 목사 & 레위지파 - 주님의 교회 워십나잇 집회 *Jesus (Your Name) / Scott Brenner & Levites Verse 1 모든 만물의 창조자, 저 온 우주의 주관자 그가 죄인 구하려 보내심 받으셨네 말구유에 놓이신 하나님의 독생자 그의 손 못 박혔고, 외면을 당하셨네 Chorus 예수 거룩한 영광의 이름 예수 어린양 영광 받으실 이름 Verse 2 사람으로 오신 주, 그 이름 임마누엘 희생양이 되신 목자, 십자가에 죽었네 우리를 살리시려 무덤에 누이셨고 삼일 만에 일어나사 사망을 정복했네 Tag 예수, 예수 거룩한 이름 예수, 예수 뛰어난 이름 Verse 1 Creator of the universe, Sustainer of the galaxies Son of God who came to earth, Sent to set the captives free In a manger You were laid, Angels sang to celebrate Upon a cross Your hands were nailed, Your Father's face was turned away Chorus Jesus, Lamb of God Name above all names Jesus, Holy One Glorify Your Name Your Name Verse 2 Coming in the form of man, God with us, Emmanuel The Shepherd who became a Lamb, Sent to die upon a cross Laid to rest within the tomb, Tasting death that we may live Forever conquering the grave, Raised to life on the third day Tag Jesus, Jesus, Holy is Your name Jesus, Jesus, Name above all names


Lamb of God - The Making of Sacrament (Full DVD)

Artist: Lamb of God Video: The Making of Sacrament Album\DVD: Walk With Me in Hell (CD2) Genre: Groove Metal, Thrash.

Lamb Of God - Ruin (Official Video).

Banda: Lamb Of God. Canción: Ruin. Álbum: As the Palaces Burn. Año: 2003. País: Estados Unidos. Género: Metalcore/Groove Metal.

lamb of god - laid to rest live HD

lamb of god - DVD 2 Walk With Me In Hell.

Lamb Of God - Walk With Me In Hell -Live At Download- HIGH DEFINITION

Lamb of God performing their song Walk With Me In Hell. This video is from their DVD: Walk With Me In Hell.

Headbanger's Kitchen Episode 10 - Black Label Chicken Curry - Lamb Of God

Nokia Alive presents Headbanger's Kitchen Episode 10 - Hosted by Demonstealer (Demonic Resurrection/Workshop/Reptilian Death). Demonic Cookery -The food sect...

Lamb of God - Omerta (Lyrics) [HQ]

Track 05 of Lamb of God's 2004 album, "Ashes of The Wake". All rights reserved to "LAMB OF GOD": Randy Blythe, Mark Morton, Willie Adler, John Campbell, Chri...

Lamb of god-Walk with me in hell Lyric

This is my"first Lyric" of me.If somethings wrong I have to sorry for you guys. "Like or Dislike" Hit the button and leave the comment. :)

Lamb Of God Amazing Band Fight!!!! (por ojo)

como toda banda tiene su problema de una u otra manera se resuelve.. aguante lamb of god!!!

Lamb Of God - "Blacken the cursed sun" (WFF07) LIVE

Eines der bekanntesten Liedern von Lamb Of God - "Blacken the cursed sun" LIVE von dem With Full Force Festival 2007.