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Sailing the Seas of Cheese

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  • Here’s a story… I was over at my friend’s house and he asks me if I have ever heard of the band Primus. I said yes because I heard Jerry was a Race Car Driver on the radio. He put on a DVD called Animals should not try to act like People or something like that and played all these WEIRD primus vids!! The band instantly started to grow on me and i bought their latest CD “Antipop”. While it does have one of the best primus songs ever(In my opinion), Lacquer Head.. the rest of the tracks sound nothing like the Primus i heard on the DVD. So i got Sailing the Seas of Cheese and it is AWESOME!!! Garunteed you will love it. Here is a list of tracks and the score i give them.1. Seas of Cheese – 7.5/10 A nice little intro featuring some interesting vocals.2. Here come the b@stards – 8/10 I’ve seen multiple reviews bash this song for being repetitive. I love it for some reason and it is one of my favorites on the CD.3. Sgt. Baker – 9.5/10 Definitely one of the best on the CD. This song has an interesting chorus about what drill sergeants do to their troops, i will read it for you to get you excited to hear it: I will rape your personality Pummel you with my philosophy Strip you of your self integrity To make you all just a bit like me!!Truly an amazing song.4. American Life – 10/10 Again.. another amazing song, Primus tends to bunch the highlights of the cd together. The song definitely has a MUCH more depressing note to it then the first 3 tracks. It tells the stories of 3 immigrants and the woes that met them when they came to America.5. Jerry was a Racecar Driver – 8/10 A lot of people consider this the best song on the CD. While it is a fantastic song, i disagree.6. Eleven – 6/10 Unlike Here come the bastards, this song IS in fact, very repetitive.7. Is it Luck? – 9/10 An awesome song featuring an awesome bassline8. Grandad’s Little Ditty – a boring little interlude track that i wont even bother to rate9. Tommy the Cat – 10.5/10 In my opinion this is THE best track on the CD. It has it all, a kickass bassline AND kickass guitar solos!! Not to mention fantastic lyrics that tell the story of an alley cat named Tommy.10. Sathington Waltz – 7/10 It’s alright11. Those damned blue collared Tweekers – 9/10 This is another great song on the cd. Great playing from Les and Lers.12. Fish On – 9.5/10 Yet ANOTHER great song!!(starting to notice the vast number of great songs on this cd??) A slower song with funny lyrics about fishing and whatnot.13. Los Bastardos – An outro track that sounds very similar Here come the bastards except it has some guy yelling. I wont rate it.

    Posted on February 28, 2010