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Saints of Los Angeles

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  • I am stunned at how good this album is. Although I hoped for the best, I was actually expecting to be disappointed, but the Crue have delivered some serious rock with Saints of Los Angeles. The CD opens with the roaring “Face Down in the Dirt,” which is an all-out rocker, and it just doesn’t let up through track 13.

    The production of this album is excellent. The guitar tone is as raw as Mick sounds when they play live. It’s loud & rude and aggressive from start to finish. Unlike some of the older Crue albums where the bass is buried and inaudible, Nikki’s bass cuts through on each track. And then there’s the drums. Up until now, I’d say Tommy’s best playing was on their self-titled album featuring Corabi. But on SOLA, Tommy’s playing is outstanding. He’s creative and interesting without overplaying. Few drummers can pull that off, but Tommy does.

    All the tracks are good, but my favorites are “Face Down in the Dirt,” “Down at the Whiskey,” “Just Another Psycho,” and “This Ain’t a Love Song.” Interestingly, the title track on here sounds even better than the single I downloaded from iTunes.

    Motley delivered the goods on this one.

    Posted on November 20, 2009