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  • “Salival” is delicate. The package is put together with wonderful attention to detail and boasts some of the most amazing and beautiful artwork to ever grace the sleeve of a music product. The songs on the CD are all fantastic – The live performances have a quality that surpasses the majority of live recordings I’ve heard, and the songs themselves are not the run-of-the-mill popular singles – “Pushit” is sung with true compassion and “Third Eye” opens the CD with a resounding mantra. “No Quarter” is a great song, and it is nice to finally have a decent quality recording of it on CD. “L.A.M.C.” and “Harry Manback 2″ are both interesting fillers in the style of the ones found on “Aenima”. The hidden song is also excellent. The length of the CD, clocking in well over an hour, means you don’t feel ripped off in any way.The videos are in true Tool fashion, and anyone who has seen them knows how good they are. Using lots of puppets and morbid sets the videos compliment the songs perfectly. My favourite has to be the video for “Sober”, with it’s dark, macabre feel.”Salival” is fantastic. Comfortable, but vulnerable, and fantastic.

    Posted on March 8, 2010