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5 CD set including remastered versions of Intium, Unholy Passion, November Coming Fire, Final Descent, and ’Live 85-96, each in thier own individual paper sleeves. Also included is the ’Live 85-86’ video with exclusive unreleased footage. All handsomely packaged in a 7’ x 12’ box set with an eightpage comic book and a 28 page booklet complete with color and black & white photos. A collector’s dream. 2000 release.

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  • well when this came out it was the last thing in the cd store i was looking for. i just happened to mosy on over to the boxed sets and there it was!! it was kind of weird because i just dug out my initiam album and i was wondering if they would ever put this on cd again.seeing how all the originalls went out of print. well anyways this is a must have for any fan of glen or the misfits .alot of people did not like samhain after the misfits (i know he did get a lot deeper didnt it)but this is the best boxed set i own. you get all there discs remastered(and a great job at that) some rare demo tracks from before the danzig solo album(great versions of twist of cain and the elvis song trouble)glen is the dark elvis isnt he!! and a really cool but some what grainy video and a comic book and bookletwith some not all lyrics. when i got this i listened to it all in one sitting. so to end a really must buy not just for the dye hard fan but any one interested in the dark and twisted sounds of one of the great punk bands of the last twenty years .so plenty of time to get it before the next helloween party where you know you are going to play it at………

    Posted on December 17, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • The Box set offers everything that was promised. The whole Samhain collection is finally offered in a complete set with a few extras. The high points of the package are the extra track on “Final Descent” which include early recordings of ‘Twist of Cain’ and ‘Posession.’ The live elements of the box set shine in the double CD. The CD offers the best sounding recordings of the fury of Samhain I have ever heard. I was a little dissapointed with the video at first, but it seems it was the best that could be done with footage that is almost 20 years old. My biggest personal dissapointment was that the lyrics to the “Unholy Passion EP” and “Final Descent” were not included in the 28 page booklet. Aside from that, the booklet is still a cool feature with color pics and a few word from Glenn himself, Steve Zing and London May. When you’re done flipping throught the booklet there is still the short Samhain comic book to look at. An interesting piece for sure. Any DANZIG/SAMHAIN/MISFITS fan should own this. It is a piece of morbid punk history and I can’t believe that is is finally available in one package! It is about time!Thanks Glenn.

    Posted on December 17, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • All together this is a great box set the video is great and so is the booklet also it comes with a cool comic. the only complaint i have is the lack of unreleased tracks such as the archangle with chimes an alternate versions of novembers fire, halloween 2 and some other later tracks. also the liner notes are great but i would like to see some notes from eerie von since he was there from start to finish.

    Posted on December 17, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Ah, the Samhain box set. Could hardly call it “long-awaited”, as it never would’ve occurred to me they’d bother, given the paucity of their releases back in the day. But I’m a fan, right? And what does “fan” mean, if it’s not a euphemism for “sucker”? So here goes….First, you might mistake this for a Danzig box, given the competence of the consequently un-Samhain packaging, so be sure to open the thing up before shipping it back to Amazon with a letter of complaint. Once you do that, you’ll find all three original records (with “Misery Tomb” included on Unholy Passion–revisionism, anyone?), plus a disc labeled “Final Descent” and a disc of live cuts. Not much needs to be said about the live disc, which is great, or the original albums, which are also great (and, I’m happy to report, not too grossly remastered). The real gem here for all you vinyl hounds, though, is Final Descent, in which the Unholy Passion tracks from the original CD are replaced with a few new finds, like a primordial version of “Twist of Cain”. Very cool.The video is entertaining enough; sure, you’ve seen bootlegs with higher production values, but the band, who look like they’re barely out of high school, are genuinely charming. This, after all, is what rock and roll is all about–but don’t take my word for it: Look at the group shots on the early albums by the Stooges, the Dead Boys, or for that matter, AC/DC or the Seeds. Hats off to a group of snotty kids, who, admittedly, you probably COULD take in a dark alley, but rock harder and with more vehemence than you could ever hope to.The read disappointments here are the booklet and comic. I know, here I am saluting kid rockers and then complaining that that comic is so infantile as to be, frankly, embarassing. But these guys were always the quintessential horror rockers, the Hammer studio on wax, and stupid drawings of Glenn Danzig boning groupies hardly enhance that image. If Black Widow did anything similar, I hope they have the sense to keep it under lock and key; let porn rock be porn rock and horror rock be horror rock.The booklet is almost as bad: The lyrics to all the Unholy Passion and Final Descent songs are omitted (not that you need to care, anyway; as Fats Domino said, it’s more fun to figure ‘em out for yourself), the Danzing write-up self-congratulatory, and the other anecdotes (by both ex-drummers–go figure) strikingly uninformative. I guess the pictures are fine, but hey, the cover of Initium was always enough for me.Finally, the packaging is so cheap as to almost be insulting. Remember those flimsy containers in the Misfits box? Well, this time, Glenn dispensed even with those, going instead for the kind of cardboard sleeves you KNOW are going to get all bent-up in the car. You’d think $60 would buy a couple extra pieces of plastic, and full-size jewel boxes would fit in the oversized box, no problem.So the bottom line is, if you’re considering buying this, and you already have the albums, you should know that you’ll probably end up feeling just a little bit ripped off. Of course, if you’re a fan, you’ll still need to have it, as I did, and you’re hardly going to be daunted by ol’ Glenn’s cynicism (does anybody know if there’s anything to the rumor that he’s the one secretly putting out all those bootlegs of the old Misfits 45s?). So to you new guys, caveat emptor; to you fellow old fans, I raise my glass! You’ll dig this thing over and over, just as I am.

    Posted on December 16, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Considering this box set has been in the works for something like 6 or 7 years and now that it finally has arrived with a jolting price tag (much higher than previously stated before release) it’s probably something you’ll have to buy, but clench your teeth as you do. Included with the box set is a booklet of incredible cheapness, full of badly printed photos and boring, uninformative liner notes by Samhain’s two drummers; we also get lyrics to Initium and November Coming Fire, but the way they’re printed, they’re almost impossible to read. No lyrics at all for Uhholy Passion or Final Descent! There’s a comic book that’s printed on the thinnest paper I’ve ever seen in my life, and the story and art inside are so stupid and juvenile you wonder how Danzig can include this and still show his face in public. Also included is a videotape with footage from 3 shows thoughout the life of Samhain, including a early Baltimore show in front of about maybe 20 people. I didn’t have a problem with this; all of the footage is amateur videotape and has been complied from 15 year old sources, so it looks about as good as it possibly get. I’ve seen the same shows for many years on many different tapes, and the quality here is probably the best ever. Still, the shows are NOT presented complete, only partially. None of these shows lasted longer than 40 mins. or so, and there’s no reason why they couldn’t be included on this tape in full. The CD’s are housed in cheap cardboard sleeves (get them out ASAP and into jewel cases; cardboard sleeves scratch CDs quicker than hell) and the tracks are badly disorganized. Unholy Passion, originally an EP, could have fit easily onto the end of any of the other CD’s instead of getting it’s own 20 minute CD. The “Double Live” CD is really just one CD with 2 different shows on it; the package is misleading on this. Finally, in terms of bonus/unreleased tracks, we do get some interesting demos of Twist Of Cain and 3 other tunes, but there’s a LOT more that could have been on here. I have heard boots of alternate cuts from NCF and demo versions of cuts from Intium and ALL that stuff deserved to be included here….certainly enough space for it. In short, Danzig/Emagine did a major shortchange on this box set, which is a shame, because the possibilities for it were astounding. But we’re not likely to see another one, ever. Final word? Grit your teeth at the price and buy it for the music, which is as ever great and is presented in good remixed quality, because after Danzig’s recent rupture with Emagine, we’re not likely to see individual issues of the CD’s. This is it and we’ll have to be content with it.

    Posted on December 16, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now