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  • Considering this box set has been in the works for something like 6 or 7 years and now that it finally has arrived with a jolting price tag (much higher than previously stated before release) it’s probably something you’ll have to buy, but clench your teeth as you do. Included with the box set is a booklet of incredible cheapness, full of badly printed photos and boring, uninformative liner notes by Samhain’s two drummers; we also get lyrics to Initium and November Coming Fire, but the way they’re printed, they’re almost impossible to read. No lyrics at all for Uhholy Passion or Final Descent! There’s a comic book that’s printed on the thinnest paper I’ve ever seen in my life, and the story and art inside are so stupid and juvenile you wonder how Danzig can include this and still show his face in public. Also included is a videotape with footage from 3 shows thoughout the life of Samhain, including a early Baltimore show in front of about maybe 20 people. I didn’t have a problem with this; all of the footage is amateur videotape and has been complied from 15 year old sources, so it looks about as good as it possibly get. I’ve seen the same shows for many years on many different tapes, and the quality here is probably the best ever. Still, the shows are NOT presented complete, only partially. None of these shows lasted longer than 40 mins. or so, and there’s no reason why they couldn’t be included on this tape in full. The CD’s are housed in cheap cardboard sleeves (get them out ASAP and into jewel cases; cardboard sleeves scratch CDs quicker than hell) and the tracks are badly disorganized. Unholy Passion, originally an EP, could have fit easily onto the end of any of the other CD’s instead of getting it’s own 20 minute CD. The “Double Live” CD is really just one CD with 2 different shows on it; the package is misleading on this. Finally, in terms of bonus/unreleased tracks, we do get some interesting demos of Twist Of Cain and 3 other tunes, but there’s a LOT more that could have been on here. I have heard boots of alternate cuts from NCF and demo versions of cuts from Intium and ALL that stuff deserved to be included here….certainly enough space for it. In short, Danzig/Emagine did a major shortchange on this box set, which is a shame, because the possibilities for it were astounding. But we’re not likely to see another one, ever. Final word? Grit your teeth at the price and buy it for the music, which is as ever great and is presented in good remixed quality, because after Danzig’s recent rupture with Emagine, we’re not likely to see individual issues of the CD’s. This is it and we’ll have to be content with it.

    Posted on December 16, 2009