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  • well when this came out it was the last thing in the cd store i was looking for. i just happened to mosy on over to the boxed sets and there it was!! it was kind of weird because i just dug out my initiam album and i was wondering if they would ever put this on cd again.seeing how all the originalls went out of print. well anyways this is a must have for any fan of glen or the misfits .alot of people did not like samhain after the misfits (i know he did get a lot deeper didnt it)but this is the best boxed set i own. you get all there discs remastered(and a great job at that) some rare demo tracks from before the danzig solo album(great versions of twist of cain and the elvis song trouble)glen is the dark elvis isnt he!! and a really cool but some what grainy video and a comic book and bookletwith some not all lyrics. when i got this i listened to it all in one sitting. so to end a really must buy not just for the dye hard fan but any one interested in the dark and twisted sounds of one of the great punk bands of the last twenty years .so plenty of time to get it before the next helloween party where you know you are going to play it at………

    Posted on December 17, 2009